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Help people change their eating habits by changing their thinking habits. Saying “no” to temptation takes more than willpower.  It’s about learning and practicing new ways of thinking and behaving. Craving Change Inc. trains health care professionals to use a cognitive-behavioural approach with groups and individual clients. Clinicians receive a wide variety of practical, accessible tools designed to assist people who are keen to discover their problematic eating triggers and learn new healthier ways of managing them. Written by clinical psychologist Dr. Colleen Cannon and registered dietitian Wendy Shah, Craving Change™ is the #1 cognitive-behavioural program for problematic eating in Canada. Credible and engaging, the program is ideal for weight loss, chronic disease management or for those simply seeking a healthier relationship with food. Hear Dr. Arya Sharma, an international obesity expert, describe the invaluable role of the Craving Change™ program in health care.

∗ Craving Change™ Clinician and Organization licenses are now available outside of Canada!  Please contact us at for more information.

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