Be credible, competent and confident – Certify!

Become a Certified Craving Change™ Facilitator!  Our engaging and practical training program and the certification process are completed online, at your own pace. 

Benefits for Certified Facilitators include:

• Recognition as a clinician who has demonstrated a pre-determined and standardized level of knowledge and proficiency with the key messages and resources included in Craving Change™.
• Increased competence, confidence and credibility.
• Free access to the online, password-protected Resource Library*.

Plus, free self-promotion on the Craving Change™ website for the public and other health care providers (available in 2017).

* The Resource Library is updated with new references, facilitation tools, activity guides and client worksheets three times a year. The library currently contains 38 supplemental resources that can be used by Certified Facilitators to refresh and enhance their Craving Change™ workshops, follow up and support groups, and individual counseling.

How do you become certified?

Certification is a three step process:
1. Review the Professional Training Video program. (see the Training page for more information)

2. Write the certification exam online. (see description below)

3. Complete the Final Experiential Assignment.
The true assessment of your ability to use the Craving Change™ approach is for you to apply it in your practice. The Final Experiential Assignment ensures that you experience and self-evaluate your use of the Craving Change™ tools, activities or approach in a real life situation.

How long does it take?

The video training and certification exam take a total of approximately 11 hours to complete, in your own space, at your own pace. 

The Complete Facilitator Certification Package and the Organization License Packages include continuous online access to the video training and exam for 120 days (~four months).

NoteThe expectation to certify and the ability to use the designation of “Certified Craving Change™ Facilitator” was introduced in 2013. If you purchased your Clinician License and resources in Canada prior to 2013, contact Craving Change Inc. at to find a certification package that is suitable for you.

Certification Exam

The certification exam is accessed, completed, marked and submitted online. It is open-book and includes 105 mandatory, scored multiple-choice questions. Six in-depth case studies will help you practise applying the Craving Change™ approach with individual clients. The exam also includes 18 ‘personal application’ assignments that will give you a variety of opportunities for incorporating the concepts you have learned into your professional practice and personal life.
Receive your Craving Change™ Facilitator certification when you have submitted and passed the multiple-choice section of the exam and completed the Final Experiential Assignment. Certification is valid for three years at which time completion of an relatively short online re-certification exam will be required. The expiry date of the certification will be noted on the certificate.


Stay current, well-informed and competent with the Craving Change™ concepts, techniques and resources. Continue to use the designation of Craving Change™ Certified Facilitator indicating that you have achieved a high level of knowledge and proficiency with this cognitive-behavioural, psycho-educational program. As an added bonus, re-certify and become eligible for a 15% discount on all of your workbook orders for the duration of your three year re-certification.

The online certification exam consists of:

  • Thirty-five (35) scored, multiple choice questions, including 12 case studies, that encourage critical thinking and application of the Craving Change™ approach and new resources.
  • Three short-answer experiential, self-assessment questions.

Once you have successfully submitted your Re-certification Exam, you will receive:

  • A certificate with Craving Change Inc. and the Craving Change™ Certified Facilitator designation for another three years.
  • Continued password-protected, online admission to the ever-growing Resource Library.
  • Free self-promotion on the Craving Change™ website for the public and other health care providers (available in 2017)
  • A permanent discount of 15% on all workbook orders for the duration of your re-certification – this is a savings of up to $44.25 per order!

The cost is $65 plus sales tax (no shipping required)


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