Clinicians and clients love Craving Change!

“A focus on self-awareness and cognitive behavioural strategies is essential for successful, long term behaviour change. Cannon and Shah have brilliantly translated theory into simple, ready-to-use tools that will help your clients change life-long eating habits.”

Arya M. Sharma, MD, FRCPC
Chair in Obesity Research and Management, University of Alberta

“Healthy eating is more about why we eat than what to eat. However, the demand is greater than the supply for professional resources on the psychology of eating. Craving Change™ is a wonderful program that fills this gap. Shah and Cannon are credible professionals leading the charge to help people make and maintain healthy eating behaviour changes. Using ‘best evidence’, they have developed a smart and appealing program that could help millions of people make healthier choices more often.”

Michael Vallis, PhD., R.Psych.
CDHA Behaviour Change Institute
Associate Professor, Dalhousie University

“Changing lifelong eating patterns can be challenging! Cannon and Shah translate psycho-educational strategies into practical exercises you can use to help your clients understand the complexities of food cravings and get the ‘power’ back in their willpower.”

Charlotte Jones, PhD, MD

“Helping clients understand why they eat the way they do is an essential step in their path toward healthier eating. Craving Change™ provides creative activities that will stimulate this discovery. The Ah-ha moments are powerful!”

Beverly Whitmore, BSc, RD, MBA
Author of “Vitality & Vitals”

“A valuable resource for clinicians working in a neglected area. Craving Change™ is attractively laid out, coherently presented, and evidence-based. It should be a welcome addition to a great many health care agencies and services.”

Randy Paterson, Ph.D.,R.Psych.
Director, Changeways Clinic

“We ran our first Craving Change™ workshop yesterday and it went great!!! The clients were really soaking up the info and discussions – so many lightbulbs turned on. I am inspired by your work in creating and implementing this program. Thanks to you both for making this program available and running such an excellent training!”

Giovanni Ianoco, MSW, RSW, South East Toronto Family Health Team

“As a business owner, I rave about Craving Change! My staff can pick up the materials and run with them, and our clients love it. I also incorporate the unique cognitive-behavioural principles and tools into the work I do as a consultant. Craving Change™ is adaptable, creative and practical – what a bonus to my business.”

Andrea Holwegner, BSc, RD,
President & Professional Speaker,
Health Stand Nutrition Consulting Inc.

“Colleen and Wendy’s presentation was fun, practical and interactive! A great change from the usual conference sessions.”

Attendee of Dietitians of Canada national conference

“The resources exceeded my expectations. Thorough and explicit, and very organized. You thought of everything!”

Shannon Lee Kearney, RN, Red Deer Primary Care Network

“I’ve been using a lot of the ideas from Craving Change™ in individual and group counselling. The patients are able to go away with key take-home messages that are easily implemented into their lives (like Stomach / Mouth / Heart Hunger and Riding the Craving Wave). Thanks for the wonderful resource.”

Nicola Day, RD
The Weight Management Clinic, The Ottawa Hospital

“Great talk- useful tools to use in everyday practice. Enlightening for ourselves, too!”

Jackie Jung, RN, CDE
Northern Diabetes Health Network

“My expectations for this workshop were exceeded, it was absolutely wonderful. I found it very interesting, enjoyable, and helpful. This program is very applicable to my practice, both group and individual. I have been counselling for 30 years, and this also confirmed a lot of my present activities.”

Marlene Regan, RD

“The materials are comprehensive and easy to follow, with user-friendly language and interesting examples and anecdotes! The facilitators were very relaxed, friendly, humorous – also well-prepared, organized and effective presenters.”

Judy Halassy, SW, New Brunswick Health Region

“I love delivering this program! It is so well done that there is little that I have to do except say what is in the manual. The discussions from the participants are really the best part, though. It is amazing when some people have epiphanies and can make significant changes in their lives!”

Claire Lightfoot, RD
Campbell River Hospital

“Colleen was refreshing, real, and enlightening”

Krista Frederksen, RN
Northern Diabetes Health Network

“This workshop was a perfect balance of role-play and education. The facilitators worked well together and were very encouraging. They created a great learning environment. As a physiotherapist there is a lot of one on one time and patients often ask questions about eating habits and weight loss. Now I feel like I have tools to give them.”

Kathleen Kelly

“The materials are so well thought-out that I can just pick them up and implement them.”

Meredith Henry, Counsellor, University of New Brunswick

“Excellent presentation – very witty, clear, and concise.”

Robin Mathon, RN
Northern Diabetes Health Network

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