The Craving Change program™ is licensed. This means that each person using the materials must have a license to do so. There are now three licensing options: an individual clinician license, a clinic / organization license and a corporate license.

Since 2008, Craving Change Inc. has had great success across Canada selling individual clinician licenses directly to allied health care professionals. Beginning in 2013, a Clinic / Organization license has been launched in response to frequent requests from managers, program co-ordinators and regional directors for a license that allows for more! More flexibility, control and sustainability. Corporate consultation and licensing is also available for companies. Please contact us to find out what Craving Change Inc. can do to help grow your brand and business.

Choosing the license that is right for you depends on several factors. There are a number of advantages to each option to provide flexible solutions for your setting and needs. The Clinician and Clinic / Organization licenses are sold as key components of complete packages. Links to full descriptions of these packages are provided below.


Clinician License

This license is included with the Complete Certified Craving Change™ Certification Package. It grants individual clinicians the right to use the program materials in their practice with their clients with some standard restrictions.

The Clinician License includes:

  • The rights to use Craving Change™ Facilitator’s Kit materials in the clinician’s practice with individuals and small groups
  • One license per clinician which stays with the clinician throughout their career
  • No annual renewal fees
  • No royalty fees

Cost: This license is included along with training, resources and certification in the Complete Facilitator Certification Package for $445.

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Clinic / Organization License

This license is designed for publicly-funded health care organizations such as physician offices, Family Health Teams, Primary Care Networks and local health integrated networks (LHIN’s). It provides an “all in one” solution for seamlessly incorporating the Craving Change™ approach into your organization. It is a 3-year renewable license for up to 15 clinicians, 16-25 clinicians or 26-50 clinicians.

The Clinic / Organization license includes:

  • The rights to use Craving Change™ materials in the clinicians’ practice with individuals and small groups
  • One license per clinician which stays with the organization regardless of staff turnover – these licenses are transferable
  • A Promotion Package providing the right to use the Craving Change Inc. logo and branding in print and on-line

Cost: This license is included along with training, resources, discounts and certification in the Clinic / Organization Package Package costs are $5,625 for up to 15 clinicians, $7,625 for 16-25 clinicians and $11,250 for 26-50 clinicians. After three (3) years, the license can be renewed for 50% off of the original price.

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Help Me Decide

Which license is right for me?

  1. I work at a diabetes clinic and I want to offer Craving Change™ workshops to my clients.
    The Clinician License permits you to use Craving Change™ materials with your patients, in both individual and small group (under 20 clients) settings. Should you leave your job or start doing private practice you are still entitled to use the Craving Change™ materials as this license is an agreement between you and Craving Change Inc.
  2. I want all of my staff to understand the basic concepts in Craving Change™ and be able to describe it to clients. I want about 16 clinicians to get trained and start implementing the program, but then later this year there are about 5 other clinicians that I’m going to want to train. We intend to use your logo on our website – we want to affiliate ourselves with the brand of the #1 cognitive-behavioural program for problematic eating in Canada! How do I deal with staff turnover?
    The Clinic / Organization license was designed with you in mind! Go to the Resource Catalogue for more information.
  3. I have 3 colleagues at my clinic who also want to use Craving Change™ materials with our clients.
    You have a choice – either each of you can purchase a Complete Facilitator Certification Package OR your clinic could purchase a Clinic /Organization License Package. While the Clinic / Organization license involves a higher up-front fee, there are numerous additional benefits for the clinic. If you move on from your job at this clinic you would need to forfeit your materials back to the clinic and purchase your own individual license to use in your new setting.
  4. I work at a private weight management clinic (or pharmacy chain, surgical clinic, wellness clinic, physiotherapy clinic, insurance provider, etc). The clinic is a “for-profit” business and aligning with Craving Change Inc. could really increase our sales and attract more customers. We have ads in the paper and on the web or TV.
    A Corporate License is required – and we’d love to work with you! Aligning your company with the Craving Change™ brand and logo could give you that competitive edge you’re looking for. The cost for this relationship depends on many factors, including the size and “reach” of your company and the extent of consultation services you’d like from us. Please contact Craving Change Inc. for more information.

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