Get attendees raving about your event!

Treat them to a Craving Change™ presentation! Wendy and Colleen have both presented on a variety of topics throughout Canada and internationally –  including the public, professional and corporate sectors. They have consistently received rave reviews for their thought-provoking and dynamic presentations to audiences of all sizes. They reject the idea that a ‘lecture’ is the best way to learn and have artfully managed to make presentations to over a 1000 people interactive! Treat your audience to their inspiring, humorous and practical presentations that speak to everyone!

What audiences have said:

“Colleen and Wendy are very dynamic.” “I found their topic interesting, relevant and fun!” “98% of the evaluation respondents rated this session as having met or exceeded their expectations.” “Any opportunity to see these women present is very worthwhile.” “Fabulous presentation – interesting and thought-provoking. I can hardly wait to introduce these concepts into my practice.” “A great change from the other session formats.”

Sampling of Presentation Topics:

  • Managing the “Just Give Me a Meal Plan” Mentality
  • Mind-full Eating: How our thoughts and feelings influence what we eat
  • Skimming Under the Surface: The Craving Change™ “Iceberg Approach” to revitalizing your clinical practice
  • Culture and History as Determinants of Eating Behaviour
  • What were you thinking?? Helping clients change their thinking habits in order to change their eating habits

Clients include:

  • Canadian Obesity Summit – Banff, AB, April 2017
  • International Congress of Dietetics, Granada, Spain, September 2016
  • Family Health Team Dietitians Conference, London, ON, September 2016
  • Dietitians of Australia Association National Conference, Melbourne, AU, May 2016
  • Native Friendship Centre, Prince George, BC, January 2016
  • DC/CON Obesity Learning Retreat, Toronto, ON, October 2014
  • Dietitians of Canada Regional Conference, Winnipeg, MB, February 2014
  • Canadian Obesity Summit, Vancouver, BC, May 2013
  • Weight Management in Primary Care Event, Lethbridge, AB, February 2012
  • Health Canada Community Health Representatives Conference, First Nations Inuit Health, Edmonton, AB, November 2011
  • Health Care Aides Conference, First Nations Inuit Health, Health Canada, Leduc, AB, October 2011
  • Alberta Society of Nutrition Managers, Calgary, AB, October 2011
  • Calgary CDA/DES Annual Conference, Calgary, AB, May 2011
  • Toronto Diabetes Association, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, ON, April. 2010
  • Northern Diabetes Health Network Annual Meeting, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, April 2009
  • Canadian Diabetes Assoc/CSEM Annual Conference, Montreal, QC, October 2008
  • Regional Nutrition & Food Service Annual Conference, Edmonton, AB, March 2008
  • Alberta Society of Nutrition Management, Calgary, Nov. 2007
  • Dietitians of Canada Annual National Conference, Vancouver, BC, June 2007
  • Livesmart Diabetes Expo, Calgary, AB, May 2007
  • IHS Energy, Calgary, AB, March 2007
  • Exploring Health and Healing Conference, Banff, AB, October 2006
  • Global Perspectives on Chronic Disease Management, Calgary, AB, October 2005

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