What is the Craving Change™ Approach?

Health care professionals, organizations, the media and the weight loss industry tend to emphasize what, when and how much to eat. However, the Craving Change™ approach has redefined healthier eating expertise by focusing on the more important question of why we eat the way we do. Most of us know that eating an apple is healthier than eating chocolate cake, so why do we often choose the cake despite our best intentions?

The four key concepts of the Craving Change™ approach will help your clients:

  1. Understand why it’s hard to change their eating
  2. Identify their personal triggers for problematic eating
  3. Learn to respond to their triggers differently
  4. Maintain these changes

For decades, research around the world has identified that behaviour change outcomes improve when people are encouraged to be self-managers and to identify internal and external factors that promote or prevent change. The Craving Change™ approach helps clients explore the various factors that could be triggering their food cravings and to use thinking and behavioural strategies to make healthier choices more often.

The Craving Change™ program:

  • addresses emotional eating
  • applies to individual and group counseling
  • encourages self-efficacy and self-management
  • focuses on cognitive-behavioural strategies
  • considers different learning styles
  • promotes interdisciplinary practice

And last but not least, the Craving Change™ approach encourages non-psychotherapeutic health care professionals to teach this information. It is ‘stepped care’ in action. This health delivery model supports the incorporation of generalized interventions offered by non-specialists as a first step in client care. For a summary of the evidence underlying the foundations of Craving Change™, view The Roots of Craving Change™ flip book, or download the pdf. The Craving Change™ Approach has struck an intuitive chord with countless clients, providers, managers and policy makers across Canada for more than five years. It just makes sense!

Organizations Using the Craving Change™ Approach

  1. Diabetes Education Centres
  2. Regional Self-Management Programs
  3. Bariatric Surgery Clinics
  4. Weight Loss Programs
  5. Health Canada – First Nations and Inuit Health
  6. Pharmacies
  7. Family Health Teams
  8. Community Health Centres
  9. Primary Care Networks
  10. Hospitals – adult and pediatric
  11. Northern Diabetes Health Network
  12. Long-term Care Facilities
  13. Universities
  14. Wellness Centres

The Craving Change™ Approach in Private Practice

  1. Dietitians
  2. Psychologists
  3. Family doctors
  4. Social workers
  5. Pharmacists
  6. Kinesiologists

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