Craving a Green Planet

Colleen and Wendy love spending their spare time exploring and are very grateful to be living near some of the most beautiful natural environments in the world, outside of Calgary and Vancouver. They are committed to protecting our precious environment and therefore chose to print the Craving Change materials with a company that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The paper used for all Craving Change products is produced using FSC-certified wood, the gold standard in responsible printing. In this way, Colleen and Wendy are supporting the growth of responsible forest management on a global basis.

Trees were also spared when Colleen and Wendy decided to print the “Behind the Scenes” and “Craving More!” materials onto compact discs rather than to include them in the Facilitator’s manual. This cut the length of the printed materials nearly in half. All materials are printed double-sided. Our office printers are stocked with 100% recycled paper – which is available for only a few pennies more than regular office stock.

Colleen and Wendy live in two different provinces and hop on Skype rather than a plane when they meet.  Dedicated to conserving natural resources, Craving Change Inc. now offer an online professional training option that reduces travel for Colleen and Wendy and their enthusiastic colleagues who live and work from sea to sea to sea in Canada.

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