Wendy Recognized for Innovation

Wendy is the proud recipient of the Dietitians of Canada Member Recognition Award for Innovation. Since 2008, the Craving Change™ program that she developed in collaboration with Dr. Colleen Cannon has been consistently and enthusiastically embraced by Canadian dietitians. The program addresses a number of goals cited in the Dietitians of Canada Vision 2020, including:

  • Provides dietitians with self-directed, self-renewing, accessible and advanced e-training, facilitation guidance and client resources to enhance their practice and become leaders and ‘agents of change’ with a novel and clinically recommended intervention.
  • Addresses a gap in current post-secondary nutrition education.
  • Is applicable to all adult clients, in a variety of settings, seeking to improve their relationship with food.
  • Excites dietitians and their clients with its engaging and practical approach as is evident from their documented feedback.
  • Supports inter-professional collaboration with teams in all communities to implement innovative strategies.
  • Has been adapted for the First Nation population.
  • Encourages evaluation and quality assurance and supports collection of outcome measures.

Wendy will receive her award at the Dietitians of Canada conference on June 9th in St. John’s, Newfoundland.


Culture and History Workshop

We love presenting workshops! Lively conversations, introspection and laughter best describe the workshop entitled, ‘Culture and History as Determinants of Eating Behaviours’ that we recently led at the Canadian Obesity Summit in Banff. The workshop discussions generated many examples of how these factors influence our thinking habits and therefore our eating habits.

Clear, Confident Treatment Plan

Jillien Humphrey, a social worker with Interior Health in British Columbia, has found many opportunities for incorporating the Craving Change™ CBT-based concepts and resources into her practice. Read about one of the examples she shared:

“Being trained in the Craving Change™ curriculum, I am more confident in the treatment plan for my clients and goals of our sessions.  The Craving Change™ curriculum has given my counselling practice a clear sense of how to facilitate sessions with a client so that they can learn, practice skills and have more of a “brief” action plan in place. It is very effective for clients.”

“For example, I facilitated the “stomach/mouth/heart” hunger activity with a client who described binging behaviour. I then provided psycho-education on this concept.  Together we identified several triggers and utilized CBT to clearly articulate the thinking, feeling and action/behaviour around the binging behaviour.  I also reviewed the “Consider the Circumstances” worksheet and had the client go through and identify trigger situations.  The client was interested in trying the “Quench Your Thirst” strategy. During a subsequent session, the client reported an increased self-awareness of her eating behaviour and a significant reduction in episodes of binging.”

Bonus Workbooks – Deadline March 31

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Discover a New Awareness Tool

The re-certification exam encourages clinicians to review many of the new activities and worksheets in the Craving Change™ Resource Library. This private practice dietitian is very excited to use the ‘Distraction-Free Diet’ worksheet. Here’s what she says:

“I love this resource!  I have not yet used this tool, however can totally see the value of this approach.   There are so many distractions that can occur during a meal time.  I think of my pediatric patients, and one of the fundamentals we teach parents is to help their children learn to eat without the use of distractions (i.e., toys, TV).  I also plan to use this resource with adult clients as we are all often unaware of the distractions at meal times in our busy lives.  Being aware is the first step!  Then, it will be up to the client/clinician to formulate a doable action plan to work towards distraction-free meals.”


Best Workbook Sale Ever!!

The Craving Change™ Workbook is a BEST SELLER! Clients consistently share how their workbook serves to reinforce the cognitive-behavioural concepts that they’ve learned. They even share the resource with their friends and family!

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100% Organization License Renewals

Since the introduction of the Organization License in 2012, 13 organizations across Canada have chosen this convenient and cost-effective option. The license permits the transfer of Craving Change™ materials between organization clinicians in the event of staff turnover. Organizations also receive a 20% discount on workbooks and fridge magnets. The Organization License is a three-year agreement requiring renewal. We’re pleased to announce that to date all our Organization Licensees have renewed for another three years!

How Craving ChangeTM Changes Lives

Another Craving Change™ licensee became re-certified this week and shared this wonderful account of the impact that Craving Change™ has had with her clients.

“Many of my clients came to me focused on the WHAT aspect of eating. It was a foreign concept to them to explore the WHY aspect of eating. Many of them recited “it’s just so” when asked why they’re eating what they’re eating. It takes awhile to dig deeper than the usual answers of too busy, too tired, too troublesome, too expensive. Using the Craving Change™ approach together with mindfulness, they were able to change their lives beyond eating. They became more present in their lives, able to regulate their thoughts, emotions and actions better, and they became healthier people.”

Primary Care Group’s Favourite Discussion

The Craving Change™ program has been embraced by many clinicians working in a primary care setting.  We recently received the following comments from a clinician who shared that their centre includes Craving Change™ in their lifestyle and chronic disease education sessions, including those for diabetes. 

“The Craving Change™ program is a big hit with our clients, and a joy for the facilitators to share!”

“The ‘Increase Awareness of . . . Environmental Stimuli’ resource and the discussion around environmental stimuli is a favourite with our Craving Change™ groups. Starting the conversation with “Have you noticed…portions sizes increasing or food is everywhere?” promotes a vast discussion on how the environment has changed and how it is encouraging an obesogenic environment. I believe this gives participants some relief knowing it does not come down to “willpower” and understanding how our environment can promote “impaired eating” habits. In the future, I would like to implement this resource and conversation into individual appointments and nutrition counselling since it has been a great conversation starter in our group setting.”



Tailor the Strategies

We’ve received more examples from a recently re-certified clinician showing how aspects of the Craving Change™ program can be modified to meet the unique needs of clients.

If there is a language barrier with a client I use the pictures to demonstrate the concept of stomach, mouth or heart hunger. I have also tailored the ‘ride the craving wave’ concept for low income clients. For example, if they want to purchase treats when grocery shopping and are finding this challenging to resist, I discuss the ‘Put Your Craving on Hold’ strategy and suggest that they move to another part of the store and focus on shopping in that area for a while.”


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